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January 2018

Six months on

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The first of February is the beginning of spring in Ireland. It does seem very early to the new arrival that I am and yet and yet...

There are lambs in the fields, the days are getting longer and there is a certain something in the air. The trees are beginning to think about it. Things are turning that lovely shade of spring green, even the oak down the road has changed somehow and they are always the last ones to go.

In my neighbour gardens, there are blooming magnolias - not a native species, I know - but still, there they are blooming away.

As I am getting ready for the Imbolc Event at The Hook Lighthouse, the week-end after next, I am as ever amazed by how we go from the darkest darkness into the beautiful light of spring, seamlessly and I remember that whatever happens to the human race, the land will carry on with doing what it does.

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