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Good Luck/Bad Luck

or how it all started

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Do you know a story called "Good Luck/Bad Luck"? No? Well, remind me to tell you it when next we meet.

This is my version of the story and it goes something like that...

It was a hot morning in June 2016. As the lady woke up, the sense of dread made her feel sick to the pit of her stomach. The one thing that she and many people in her country of adoption feared the most had happened and there she was, her heart broken, her life in shreds.

Over the months of uncertainty the lady knew for sure she would lose her mind, she had lost everything else that she was familiar with after all. She cried and wept bitter tears, she ranted and raved, she wrote endless letters and went on marches. To no avail. Such bad luck, at her time in life, such bad luck, she railed.

Then one day, a little voice in her ear, may be her fairy god mother or may be her very irritated best friend or her friendly power animal, Mrs. Wolf, made a suggestion.

"Such good luck, Mrs. Wolf said, you can go and start afresh."

The Lady wailed some more, "I am too old, I was going to die there, this was IT, I was happy here, such bad luck".

"I beg to differ, Mrs Wolf carried on, I beg to differ, my dear. Such good luck. Look around you, do you really want to end your life here? Look across the water, there is something else there?"

So the Lady went back to the home she had left forty years before. She looked after a magical house, it was wonderful, the sun shone, the guests were amazing, Such good luck!

But then, it did not work out...such bad luck!

Good luck, bad luck, Mrs. Wolf was still gently talking in her ear. Look across the water, I said, can you not see this beautiful Island? Just across the way?

So on a beautiful day in July 2017, the Lady packed her bags, loaded her little blue carriage, harnessed her horses and off she went. With Mrs. Wolf cheering in her ear, she rented a boat and went across the Celtic Sea.

Good luck indeed!

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