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Samhain 2017

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I saw the event come up on my newsfeed. Hook Lighthouse Failte Samhain. I cannot quite recall what it actually said but I remember druids and storytelling being mentioned.


Mrs. Wolf (remember Mrs. Wolf, I hope you do, if you don't, read the first post and pay attention!). Anyway, Mrs. Wolf said, quiet like, in my ear "Story telling, you used to love that, why don't you message them."


After an amount of arguing, why I ever bother to argue with Mrs. Wolf after all these years, I still don't know, I did message something vague like "O, hello, can I come and tell a story then?".


The response was immediate. Yes please, it said come and have coffee next week.


After further arguing and good luck/bad luck mulling and general panic, a phone call was made, the coffee was drunk and the next thing I knew...



Yep, that's me. standing with the red gloves, telling stories by the Samhain Fire, having the time of my life with the lovelies team on earth.

PS. If you have not been to The Hook Lighthouse, you must. Not only is it beautiful, ancient and magical, it has a fantastic restaurant!

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